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The LiveRoof system is designed to ensure the success of your green roof project and do so at the lowest possible total system cost.

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Community Sustainability

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New Solar Tiles from Tesla/Solar City

Plenty of news to discuss this week. Top Headlines include the introduction of Tesla’s 4 distinct, Quartz-based “slate” and faux tile PV residential roofs. Some of the unknowns, Gavin Bade writing in Utility Dive noted in his recent article, “5 Unanswered Questions after Tesla’s Big Solar Roof and Battery Announcement include: The cost of the BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) Tiles and balance (non-solar areas) of roof; efficiency of the Tesla quartz solar tiles vs. traditional PV panels with racks bolted to roof; Cycle-life of the Tesla Powerwall; The merger vote with Solar City & finally, the overall impact of Musk’s strategy on the both the Utility & transportation segment. The article goes on to quote Greentech’s Eric Wesoff, “PVsolar-panel-array
Panels and roofing have very different rolls; I’ve observed that combining the two, compromises both at a premium cost”. For a link to the full article please click on: tesla’s new ISPV tiles
A second major theme to explore is Community Solar. “Community solar is essentially the ability to allow the masses, meaning ratepayers, to participate in solar ownership or solar benefits in some fashion or form without having to have actual panels on their specific roof,” explains Paul Spencer, Founder and CEO of Clean Energy Collective. As defined on the CEC website: “Community solar arrays, sometimes referred to as a shared solar array or solar garden, are centralized solar facilities owned by a group of individuals who receive credits on their electricity bills for the power produced. Members of an array are residential and commercial customers of the utility partner offering the program”. Again, paraphrasing the CEC website, an increasing amount of people are requesting that their local utilities provide shared solar because of both environmental and economic benefits. We at RENEW Sustainable recently reached out to our local municipal utility, Cleveland Public Power. We will provide insights into their community solar policy at a later date. Meanwhile, some of the additional benefits of community solar include the option to offer renewable solar generated energy to a larger consumer base. This would be comprised of renters, low-income housing residents, and small businesses. Re-purposing brown-fields into micro-grids for distributed power generation further serve to enhance the appeal of Community Solar.uartz

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Solar and Communities

Sustainable Communities

Welcome to our recently launched website site, Renew Sustainables. Although we’re at the start of our journey, the vision and direction for our shared future, is clear. By providing both education and an exchange for successful sustainable ideas, we can make a difference, especially at the local level.

Solar Energy is but one example of developing technologies that are rapidly making clean energy affordable. How solar energy can be democratized using Community Solar platforms, for instance, will be a priority for us. Turning urban “Brown-fields” into solar gardens with the preference to provide clean energy to low-income families is not only realistic, but it makes sense. This in turn will fuel job growth at the local level. Grant writing for your organization or working together to help fund a community solar project, will be another vital function of our team.

Some sustainable practices can be implemented sooner than others. We have teamed up with the best in class insulation specialists who can install closed cell, spray foam in new or existing structures. With R-values exceeding R-6 per inch, a 2” x 6” stud wall can reach R values in excess of R-30. In contrast, traditional (batten) insulation maxes-out at R-19 or lower.

Finally, in this opening blog, we can’t forget the latest generation of enzymatic cleaners. Using patented formulations first developed for the European market, we are excited about our relationship with companies that are pioneering this field. Whether your issue is stubborn bio-films in industrial kitchen settings or simply making your kitchen safer from “wee-beasties” like bacteria from food sources, we can provide effective solutions.

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